First SMART center to become solar powered, fire-resistant and water conservation, Pratigya SMART Center, Jahangirpuri

Tech Mahindra – Pratigya SMART Center, Jahangirpuri has become the first Solar Powered, Fire Resistant and Water Conservation practicing SMART center.

  • Solar Power
    We have Installed a 1kw rooftop solar system. It can generate about 3-6 units of energy per day.
  • Fire Resistant
    For the prevention of any fire break out, We have equipped our SMART center with 10 fire extinguishers cylinder and 7 fireball fire extinguishers at fire risk areas.
  • Water Conservation
    Water is a precious & essential resource and it must not be wasted. An average water purifier rejects around 75% of water. It is a good practice to re-use the rejected water rather than drain it. We have installed a 200L loft tank to store and reuse the rejected water in the washroom flush. To maintain groundwater level we have also dug up a groundwater recharge pit.
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